Residential Lending

Podium Money has quickly established a reputation as a trusted Australian finance broker

With a strong understanding of Australia’s property market, the current economic climate and different loan products, the residential lending department at Podium Money is well equipped to assist a range of clients with different residential lending needs.

Why choose a Finance Broker?

You have more choice before making your final decision.

The biggest advantage of choosing a broker over a bank is choice. While a banker only has access to one bank’s products, at Podium Money we have access to 27 lenders with 100-plus products available. We pride ourselves on our high level of product knowledge and work confidently knowing that we will find the most suitable product for each individual client.

Sit back and relax while we do the work.

Clients can rest assured that Podium Money manages the whole home loan application process from the initial enquiry to the settlement of the loan. This relieves clients of the stress associated with dealing with lenders, and ensures a more positive experience.

Quick Approval Times.

Provided we have all the relevant and correct information upon application, we can provide an answer on what lenders will approve your residential loan and at what rate within 24 hours*. Once your application is approved the entire loan process can be completed in 20 to 30 days**.

We’ve Got Your Back.

Podium Money provides all clients with ongoing support, even after the loan application is approved and finalised. Clients can have a piece of mind knowing that we are constantly monitoring the market and comparing it to your current loan and lender. This ensures that you are always provided with the most current and suitable solution for your circumstances.

No Obligation Service.

For most customers, our service is obligation free. Whether a new customer chooses to use us or not, Podium Money will offer a review of their current situation, with no obligation.

Government Regulated.

To protect Australian consumers, our industry is regulated and regularly policed by the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) to ensure each customer is provided with an appropriate product and level of service.

What Loans can you help me with?

While this list is by no means exhaustive, below are a few examples of how we can either help you with your next purchase or your existing loan, saving you time, money and any associated pressures.

First-Home Buyers

We can help you obtain finance and understand what you’re entitled to if you’re entering the property market.


We can determine your capacity to invest without selling your current properties.

Fast Refinance

We can refinance your debt to reduce your monthly repayments, lock in a low fixed rate, lower fees and charges or obtain specific features like offset accounts.

Construction Loans

If you choose to build or renovate, we can help you pay as you go so you don’t have to outlay the total amount straight up.

Self-Managed Super Fund

We can guide you to grow your super fund and use it to invest in the market.

*Credit assessment criteria applies. Podium Money will endeavour to process your loan application and get approval as quick as possible, but it is subject to your own personal circumstances and can vary depending.

**Timeline reflects a best-case scenario and requires all documents to be completed on-time and without error. It’s also subject to each lender’s workload and the time of year.