Commercial Lending

Commercial Property Finance

The commercial property finance team at Podium Money can’t be beaten for service. Our credit advisers have extensive experience as commercial brokers and boast an incredible understanding of the local commercial market.
Accredited with Australia’s top commercial lenders, our commercial property finance brokers are dedicated to enhance our clients’ options when they’re selecting an appropriate financier, whether it’s to purchase a commercial property or develop a commercial site. Our credit advisers successfully assist investors to refinance their commercial portfolios and develop commercial sites to maximise their investment returns, working closely within the two following categories:

Development and Construction Finance: If you’re constructing or developing a site, we can do the hard work for you and help you find competitive finance. We also offer ongoing support, which includes helping to monitor your construction costs and procedures. In regards to finance, we can look at a short-term low-interest rate during the construction period, residual stock loans or take-out finance, to ensure you feel confident throughout the development phase.

Commercial Real Estate Loans: For those who are purchasing commercial real estate or hoping to refinance a commercial real estate loan, we can guide you through the process and help you secure a suitable loan product. Commercial properties include office spaces, retail stores, shopping centres, warehouses and/or hotels, and we can assist you to make these large acquisitions as straightforward as possible.